Independent leadership demanding change, delivering results

"In these challenging times, we must demand real change for our families, communities and our nation. I'm fighting for quality and affordable health care for all, for local jobs that pay a living wage, for a quality and affordable education and for a new energy future that will create good-paying green-collar jobs and end our dependence on foreign oil."
— Paul

As our Congressman, Paul is fighting to:

Provide real solutions to help stabilize our economy and protect local jobs
Since his first day in Congress, Paul has fought to ensure Wall Street's failures don't cripple hardworking families. He's worked to stabilize the credit markets so families can get loans to buy homes and send their kids to college. He fought to increase LIHEAP funding so families did not have to choose between buying food and heating their homes. And he helped pass strict oversight regulation of the financial industry, eliminating "golden parachutes" for irresponsible corporate executives. Paul is working to protect our local jobs and create more green-collar jobs. He is promoting wind development in Upstate New York and successfully lobbied GE to locate their growing GE Wind operations in Schenectady, NY.

Develop new energy policies that end our dependence on foreign oil and create good-paying green-collar jobs
As a nationally recognized expert on energy reform, Paul is leading the charge for green-collar jobs. He supports innovative solutions to our energy crisis that will end our nation's dependence on foreign oil while facilitating competitive economic growth. Paul is forging a new direction for energy independence and more efficient energy use, including promoting tax incentives for clean energy and conservation. He supports ending subsidies for big oil, increasing fuel efficiency standards, expanding access to affordable public transportation and creating a carbon cap and trade program to reduce greenhouse emissions and encourage innovation.

Ensure everyone has access to quality, affordable health care
Since his first day in Congress, Paul has made health care a top priority to ensure better coverage for children, seniors, working families and businesses, and veterans. He's worked to ensure all children have health insurance by expanding the Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP) Act. He supported legislation to improve access to health care in the workplace, while protecting freedom of choice. Paul fought to ensure our active and retired military men and women receive the medical attention they deserve.

Build a better education system so all deserving students can afford a higher education
Children need more than just the basics in school. They should be given the education and skills to compete for quality jobs anywhere – be it in their hometown or with any country in the world. Paul is working to strengthen our public schools through greater accountability, improved early childhood education, and attracting and rewarding quality teachers. Over the years, the cost of college education has skyrocketed, while the loan system to help students pay for college has lost its way. Paul has pushed for a number of reforms, including: increasing the maximum Pell Grant, cutting student loan interest rates, increasing resources dedicated to financial aid and streamlining the Federal Student Loan Aid process.