Access to affordable health care is critical to quality of life in the Capital Region and to the success of American small businesses trying to compete in a global market. The Affordable Care Act, passed in 2010, is far from a perfect law. That is why we have to respond to challenges in our healthcare system and fix the parts of the ACA that don’t work while moving forward with the provisions that do.


In 2020 alone, we have seen the effects of climate change such as devastating Australian wildfires or the more frequent flooding within the United States. Not only is fighting climate change our top global security threat as identified by the Pentagon, it will also bring stable and good paying jobs to the United States and the Capital Region.


As of the summer of 2020 almost 40 million Americans filed for unemployment. After the Obama administration pulled our nation out of the Great Recession and provided Donald Trump the groundwork for a thriving economy that could be built even stronger, our current President has chosen to favor the wealthy and well-connected over the American middle-class.


Despite 400 years of history, it is still the case that in the United States, career outcomes, our justice system, and even basic human rights are not applied equally to all races, genders, orientations and communities. I have been proud of the small role I have played in the ongoing fight for equality alongside Civil Rights giants like my friend and colleague Congressman John Lewis, and others.


We too often forget that those struggling with mental illness are constantly forced to fight a battle on two fronts. Not only do they have to grapple with themselves -- with their own thoughts and mind -- but they also have to contend with the negative assumptions made about those with mental illness, which are pervasive in our society.


The complete failure of the White House’s response to anticipate, prepare, and react to the coronavirus has wrecked our economy and, at the time of this writing, claimed more than 125,000 American lives despite having a plan in hand, provided by the Obama administration. We deserve better.


Securing funding for science and clear climate policies is one of the reasons I first ran for Congress. Today, I am proud to sit on the Committee for Science, Space and Technology, and the Energy and Commerce Committee. As an engineer, I understand the importance of clean energy and the continued advancement of innovation in technology sectors.


More than 10,000 New Yorkers have lost their lives since 2008 due to gun violence, which has permeated our schools, neighborhoods and places of worship. It has cultivated a uniquely American fear and a uniquely American problem. In the United States, we are 25 times more likely to be killed in a gun-related death than those in other high-income nations.

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